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Moisture Detection Helps You Plan Mold Removal and Remediation

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Leakage and high moisture destroys foundation integrity. Every storm and snowmelt season contributes, how could you solve that? Call us for a free but professional assessment @416-400-2685
Many people can feel the moisture in a closed area without any equipment. They can detect a room with a high moisture level as they think irritation in their nasal passage or feel physical discomfort when they stay inside for a long time; overnight, for example. But not everyone can notice moisture in a building without a meter. You need a moisture meter inspection to determine how much water there is in a building.

Why Do You Need Moisture Meter Inspection

You need a moisture meter inspection to save your property from the damaging effects of moisture. Moisture is harmful to the inmates of a building, too. As you read above, some people can feel the humidity in a building. They think it is because it hurts them. Moisture is harmful to everyone, but if you cannot feel it, it does not mean you are safe from its damaging effects.

Moisture detection helps plan a moisture-free environment in your home. Prolonged exposure to moisture in your home can create respiratory problems. For elderly family members, moisture is more harmful. Mold grows in moist interiors. The spores are tiny; they fly in the environment and enter your lungs when you breathe. Throat irritation is the first sign of spores entering your lungs. Furthermore, skin allergies and infections can also occur.

Having a home free of mold and mildew is good luck. However, if the moisture level increases, mold will be visible soon in the interior. Before that time, you can call moisture detection services in your area. The company will send its expert team for moisture meter inspection. So, if you are confused about the moisture level in your home, don't worry. The experts will help you.

Infrared Camera Inspection

The infrared camera inspection is also called infrared thermography. This is modern technology. You effectively detect moisture in your home, even if it exists behind the interior walls or is present within the insulation. Sometimes moisture is in the ceiling. Infrared camera inspection helps in detecting moisture everywhere in a building.

The infrared camera inspection is a non-destructive and non-invasive technology. You can effectively track down sources of moisture in your building with this technology. Detecting moisture is an efficient way to control it before its damage becomes apparent. You know that moisture damage is costly to repair. So, a regular moisture inspection can save you from huge losses.

Wood and cement structure both get badly affected by moisture. However, wood shows more damage because humidity plays havoc with it. If you are living in Mississauga, call ROOTERWORX today and request infrared thermography of your home. It is a licensed company and has offered modern technology-based services in your area for a long time.

How Moisture Can Destroy Buildings

Wood wallpaper and drywall attract mold-like magnets when they are moist. Mold develops on surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors. It destroys the quality of the materials. Metal buildings material, including conditioning coils, metal roofing, and electrical wirings, corrode from the moisture. You need mold removal and remediation if moisture has affected your building. If moisture damage increases, replacing and repairing the building materials is costly. So, moisture is not friendly to your home.

The moisture-related damage is not limited to this extent only. It can also erode the varnish of the wood surface and wall paint. Thermal insulation becomes ineffective. The freeze and thaw cycle affects the walls because they contain moisture. Flooring and roofing adhesives start deteriorating from humidity. No homeowner is willing to let their property suffer this much from humidity. That is why people do a waterproofing project for their homes before moisture starts.

Moisture can attract insects. Damp places are ideal for many insects to dwell in and reproduce. If there is woodwork in your home, it will get infested with woodlouse. Fungus gnats and sometimes springtails also come and live in damp areas of your home. If you have cold cellar leakage, you will find these and other insects in the cellar. It is gross to see these insects dwelling with you.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing makes your basement an ideal area for any activity at home. You can make it a home bar or indoor sports area for your young kids. During raining season or snow, this place becomes the most attractive place for kids. During the Covid-19 pandemic, families have enjoyed great hours of fun and activities in their basements. So, do not delay your basement waterproofing more if you have not already applied for it.

You are doing the right thing if you consider membrane waterproofing in your basement. Membrane waterproofing decreases the cost of energy because it insulates the basement. Foundation wears down once moisture spreads in it. So, waterproofing protects the basement and your home from losing its sturdy structure. The environment remains healthy as there is no more moisture in the basement. If you plan a home remodeling project at any time in the future, your basement with proper waterproofing will be a plus point for that.

Contact a Foundation Waterproofing Company

Whether your home shows moisture or not, you need to call a foundation waterproofing company. Maybe you would ask, "Why?"

The reason is that you can prevent and stay safe from the painful removal process. Mold removal and remediation are more expensive and complicated than a waterproofing project of a moisture-free home. You can call ROOTERWORX to learn about a modern waterproofing technique that suits your home. They offer crystalline waterproofing or xypex waterproofing, in other words. Both methods are highly effective in preventing moisture development in your home.

We strongly recommend foundation waterproofing because foundation areas are more susceptible to growing moisture. Foundation waterproofing techniques efficiently save the most critical space of your home from water-related damage. Often crystalline waterproofing is the ideal solution. But the waterproofing experts only can tell you what is best for your home.

If you have cold cellar leakage, you need immediate action, especially if mold has developed there. Before waterproofing the cellar, you will need cold cellar mold removal. After complete cold cellar mold removal, the company will apply xypex waterproofing to protect your cold cellar from future moisture and mold development.