Crystalline Waterproofing | Negative Side Waterproofing

Negative Side Crystalline Waterproofing Protects Elevator Shafts and Underground Garages

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Elevator shaft waterproofing is an absolute must for a building - don't let your elevator down.
Waterproofing is often applied to the exterior walls of a building. This waterproofing aims to protect the walls structure from water access. This is the best solution, but it is not always possible in commercial buildings. These buildings' style and geographical circumstances do not allow exterior wall waterproofing, especially in areas situated under the ground. The best option in this situation is negative side waterproofing. Now, companies offer effective commercial negative side waterproofing and you get satisfactory services from licensed service providers.

Why Elevator Shaft Suffers from Water Seepage

Many reasons contribute to elevator water seepage. There may be one or more than one reason in a building where water has started entering a foundation and leak repair is needed. The situation can be difficult if no elevator shaft waterproofing is applied. Check the following reasons to asses which may be contributing to your building:

The neighboring buildings have been altered in their construction.

The current waterproofing is too old, or if it is new, it is not practical or contains poor-quality material.

The structure was old when the building code did not include elevator pit waterproofing.

A water main in close vicinity has been damaged and leaking heavily causing elevator shaft flooding.

An unusual amount of rainfall has raised the water table under the ground.

An improperly working or utterly broken sump pump also causes elevator shaft flooding.

What is Causing Leak

Any wall causing a leak has two primary sources of water entering. One is a loose joint, and the other is a crack. Other than these, two can be tiny pores in the wall. Though these little holes do not allow a lot of leaks, they have still considered leakage-causing factors. A pit or a garage needs underground garage crystalline waterproofing to be fully dry.

If the reason is a leaking joint, the elevator pit is made of poured concrete walls with kicker joints or construction joints. These joints give in to the water over time. Water starts seeping in, entailing an urgent elevator pit waterproofing. Sometimes random cracks happen in a shaft wall. These cracks allow water leakage.

Some buildings make their elevator shaft with bricks or blocks. Imagine fixing all these bricks and blocks so well that no crack – even a hairline crack – is not left. This is not possible. So many cracks appear between so many bricks or blocks. Only proper elevator pit waterproofing can seal them all!

When Negative Side Waterproofing is Ideal

Garages of commercial buildings are underground. Vehicles stay safe in a garage. However, water can penetrate these garages like in a home basement. You can apply exterior waterproofing in a home, but that is impossible in a commercial building's garage. Those huge underground spaces need proper underground garage crystalline waterproofing to fight water entering the area from outside. Only negative side waterproofing can help there. So, consider calling professionals from a reputable company who can provide excellent underground garage waterproofing.

Elevator shafts often come under the effect of water because their pit is under the ground. If a building has an elevator shaft, it needs elevator pit crystalline waterproofing. Water is always available under the ground, moving towards pours bodies and lower levels. It never stops moving; the water table rises under the ground when snow melts or rain falls. It travels faster and seeps deeper into the soil. So, if the elevator shaft waterproofing is weak or has become ineffective because of aging, the pit will get filled with water. Even if it is not supplied, the presence of water in an elevator shaft is not healthy for the building structure. Hence, consider elevator pit crystalline waterproofing as soon as possible.

Elevator Leak is Dangerous

The elevator function depends on the shaft and pit. The vital mechanical elements are housed in the pit and shaft. Exposing these elements to water or even moisture can cause rust and malfunction. Elevator users' life and safety remain at risk.

Elevator shaft leak repair ensures electrical elements' safety and proper function. Water touching electric wires is dangerous, and fire may erupt in some cases. You can imagine a sudden fire eruption can cost thousands of dollars.

Water leak creates dampness which attracts critters and insects. Mold and mildew also grow in the shaft and pit. Buildings' air quality falls low, and the value is affected.

All the dangers mentioned above can easily be avoided if you call a reputable waterproofing company for elevator shaft waterproofing.

Crystalline Waterproofing for Elevator Shafts and Garages

Crystalline waterproofing is an effective way to seal a place suffering from a water leak. You can rely on this method for negative side waterproofing. Underground garages and elevator shafts do not allow exterior wall waterproofing. So, your best bet is negative side waterproofing. Crystalline becomes active when dampness reaches it. It expands in size and blocks the pores and cracks, which are a pathway of water. A shaft is a particular shape space, and it's crucial to keep it dry and clean from mildew and mold. Therefore, an effective and long-lasting crystalline is suitable for elevator shaft crystalline waterproofing.

Underground garage waterproofing with crystalline remains effective for many years. When the water amount increases under the ground and finds its way to the shaft and pit, crystalline blocks its way. In some cases, the situation gets worse. Flooding can happen, and parking vehicles in the garage becomes complicated. So, better stay safe than regret. Licensed companies offer efficient crystalline waterproofing of garages and elevator shaft leak repair. ROOTERWORX is popular in Mississauga and has a trusted status in commercial negative side waterproofing.

It is never too late to call ROOTERWORX. If a building needs elevator shaft crystalline waterproofing, you need to be quick and not increase the damage. The waterproofing contractors examine a garage before planning an underground garage leak repair. So, they need to inspect the place to assess the level of the water leak and plan negative side waterproofing accordingly.