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We answered the most popular questions about services (sewer, drain, waterproofing, concrete repair, and underpinning)
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Common Questions: Services
How long would it take for a technician to come?
We advise booking appointment 24 hours in advance, however, if we have an available spot we could come earlier. We also have an emergency drain crew for situations when you need help immediately.
How fast could I expect an emergency drain technician to come, if I requested an emergency drain cleaning service?
Our emergency drain crew about an hour to reach out the customer from the initial call, or less if you located in a catchment area of our location in Toronto, Mississauga or Hamilton.
Could I reach ROOTERWORX office number at any time?
Yes, you could call our office number 24/7, the receptionist taking calls round the clock. We also have an emergency drain crew at your service ready.
What if I live outside of Great Toronto Area (GTA) could I still use your service?
Most likely-yes depends on our availability and on how far you live. We serve Toronto and Great Toronto Area and all surrounding areas. Also, we have locations in Mississauga and Hamilton. We cover Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Halton Hills, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, New Market, Ajax, Whitby, Stoufville and more. Please, give us a call at 416-400-2685 or email us at with your inquiry.
How would I know if the blockage in the drain line is located on the City side?
If you have drain backing up into your basement, or suspect drain line blockage. First, the right thing to do is to call a drain service technician to run a drain camera to find out where the clog is located and start from there. If the clog is located on the city's side than the city covering all the cost associated with a drain fix if it is not the city side than the owner is paying for the service.
Do you provide commercial sewer or drain cleaning services?
Sure we do! We perform all kinds of services from emergency sewer and drain inspection, cleaning, or repair.
What is a hard water, and what are the signs?
Hard water is water with a high level of minerals solved in water. And it is not always good for you neither for your plumbing system.
Common signs are white calcium build ups on plumbing fixtures, pipes fittings.
Hard water could irritate sensitive skin and eyes.
We install water softeners systems to improve the quality of the water at the houses.
What is the difference between foundation underpinning and foundation structural repair? How does it differ in the cost?
About general process differences in foundation underpinning and foundation structural repair, you could read here. And regarding the difference, in general, foundation structural repair is improving foundation stability, mending its weakness. While foundation underpinning reinforcing the structure overall. You could reach us directly for a free consultation at 416-400-2685.
Common Questions: Billing & Costs
I would like to get a quote on the service, could I share pictures and a brief description of what I need and get a rough idea of the cost?
Absolutely! Please send it to our email directly We would get back with a quote at our earliest convenience.
Who is eligible for Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy program and how much does it cover?
Homeowners of the City of Toronto are eligible to get up to $3400 (up to 80% of the total cost) city rebate for protecting their basement from flooding and make relief to the city sewer system during heavy rainfalls. You could learn more by following the link Sump Pump & BWV rebates.
What kind of payments do you except?
We accept Cash, Cheque, Debit, e-transfers, and all major credit cards like Master Card and Visa. We accept credit card payments not only for small services but for complex projects such as full house waterproofing, main drain line replacement, and underpinning.
Do you store credit/debit card information?
No, we do not. We use portable payment terminals, where all information you put directly. Same credit/debit machines that are used in retail stores.
How much does drain repair or drain cleaning cost?
Drain repair varies in complexity, parts damaged, time spent, and sizes of the service. Also, the time of the service requested would reflect on the price, if it is an emergency and should be prioritized, it adds up to the cost.
Common Questions: Warranty
What if we still have issues after you did a service for us?
Please contact us directly by phone 416-400-2685 or email, and we would do our best to make everything just right.
If we bought a house and you did service for previous homeowners, would you still be responsible if there is an issue with the work done?
We provide warranty for all primary services like waterproofing and main drain replacement, underpinning for 25 years, this warranty is transferrable. And we absolutely would take of this matter free of charge if this our fault, just give us a call at 416-400-2685 or email at