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Window Wells Keep Your Basement Safe from the Excess of Water

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Window wells are important part of you house waterproofing project, that never should be neglected, it requires additional drainage that would prevent water collection and possible water seepage through the window opening.
The basement is a great place at home to enjoy several activities you can't do in other parts of your home. You can make it your playroom, home bar, or just a peaceful family area where everyone loves to spend some quiet moments. But basements need special care to protect them from the excess water because they are underground. Water can easily reach them; if the structure is not entirely safe, water seepage can ruin the basement. Now you must have become alert about your home foundation and basement. So, are you thinking ow about protecting them from water seepage? A foundation waterproofing company has all the solutions you need to save your home from water excess.

Foundation Waterproofing is Essential

Foundation waterproofing saves your home from water-related damage. Water is present underground and surrounds your home from all sides. The danger increases when its table rises during rainy seasons or when the snow melts. The saturated soil allows water to seep into your basement through tiny holes and cracks. Once water enters the basement, the walls show wet patches. You can quickly notice them on the walls and sometimes even on the ceiling. Soon, mold develops in your basement because of the dampness. You can see the damp smell. Mold is harmful to your lungs because its microscopic spores fly in the air. So, the problem does not come alone. It is folded in troubles that endanger your health, too.

Contact a waterproofing company in Toronto to find a permanent solution to water seepage. Technology has advanced, and the market has a wide array of solutions for a leaky basement. The company you hire will inform you of the options that best suit your home foundation. For this, they will examine your home foundation first. Your home's location also helps you choose one solution over the others. For example, if your foundation is easily accessible from the outside, they will plan to waterproof it from the outside. Exterior waterproofing is reliable and protects your home more successfully.

Window Well Installation Protects Your Home

Window well installation is a successful method for channeling the rainwater away from the basement. The window well collects the rainwater and drains it through the drain pipe. Every home with a basement must have a window well or more, depending on the size of the basement. There are other benefits of window well also. They serve as safe exits in case of an emergency. Basements are often dark because the sunlight does not enter there. But window wells brighten the basement and also let the fresh air in. So, it serves the purpose of basement waterproofing and improves the basement environment's quality.

A piece of professional advice from an experienced waterproofing company in Toronto would be helpful before you decide to install a window well. They will suggest the best location and design that suits your basement. ROOTERWORX is an experienced waterproofing company that works in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, and around the GTA. You can get a consultation, infrared camera inspection, moisture meter inspection, and professional service from them.

Waterproofing Company for Water Leak Repair

You will find many individual contractors and unlicensed builders offering waterproofing services. They cost lesser than professional, reputable companies. That is why many people get attracted to them. However, their services are not reliable because they lack skills and expertise. Homeowners considering window well installation should be cautious in their choice of builders. Only licensed contractors offer services safe for your home and health. So, do not let the cheap rates of unlicensed builders attract you. Cheap rates may mean poor service, and you would not like to let your home suffer from poor service while you want to protect it from water seepage.

Moreover, one important point is worth mentioning here. A poorly installed window well needs frequent window well repair. The regular repair will exhaust you, and it is quite possible that a poorly installed window well will not wholly prevent the rainwater from entering the basement. It would be better to go for quality services instead of cheap services.

Ways for Basement Water Leak Repair

A leaky or wet basement repair has various ways. But before choosing one method, you need to find out what is causing the leak. Check the walls for cracks in the walls and floor. Porous concrete is also a source of water leakage. You will also feel dampness on the surface of a few wall spots. Windows of your basement also allow water to seep in. Water seepage from the windows is easy-to-notice. You will not miss it. Water leak repair from the windows needs window well installation and foundation waterproofing.

Another reason for water leakage can be the water drainage system. Poorly planned rainwater drainage does not send the water away from your home. Hence, the water does not flow far away from your home but gets absorbed into the foundation and eventually enters the basement. Also, blocked drainage gets blocked by flying leaves or other debris. You need to clean them frequently because a blocked drain also is one reason for water leaking into the basement.

Once you determine the cause, selecting a solution is hassle-free. But it would be excellent to call ROOTERWORX if you live in Mississauga. They have a long experience in installing window wells and water leak repair. With the proper knowledge and modern tools, the company offers flawless waterproofing services to the citizens.

You May Need Your Window Well Repair

If you already have a window well but still see dampness or leakage in your basement, check your window well. Maybe it needs repair. Sometimes basement is waterproofed and window well needs repair. Once you solve the seepage problem from the window well, you will not suffer from the same soon.

One way to avoid window well repair is to keep its drain clean. When debris collects on it and blocks the water from draining, it starts seeping into the basement. You can do this simple task yourself. Check the window well after every strong wind. Tree leaves fly and fall everywhere, especially with trees around your home. But if the water leaks despite your regular maintenance of the window well, you need to call a waterproofing company, and they will fix the issue.