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What is a Broken Foundation and What You Can Do About It

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Significant foundation damage is a serious hazard for a building structural integrity. Call our expert for a free assessment.
Building a home with a solid foundation means having a home that will last intact and strong for decades, if not centuries. That is why builders always pay more attention to the foundation than the superstructure of a home in the matter of strength. You must agree on this point if you build a home for your family where you dream of seeing your grandchildren live happily and safely. Even if you have already made a home, you must be fully aware of the importance of foundation structural damage and its proper repair. Keeping a vigilant eye on the solidarity of your home foundation is a constructive attitude towards your home, and this blog is dedicated to this topic to shed light on foundation damage and its maintenance.

Hairline Cracks in the Foundation

Maybe someone would wonder why a hairline crack should be a concern. It is just a crack that may have happened because of a drying concert or shifting solid structure because of weather. Believe me; it should not be taken that lightly. In some cases, a hairline crack itself is not a problem in a concrete structure, but it can allow water to seep in if it is in the foundation wall. Water seeping into the foundation of a building is alarming. Once it starts seeping and absorbing into the concrete structure, the quality of a building is compromised. Water damages the concrete and destroys the air quality of basements. Neither the air smells fresh, nor the humid interior feels good. Here you can imagine why we are especially concerned about hairline cracks. So, if your home has a structural foundation wall damaged, water will possibly seep in, which can be quite a severe issue in the near future.

Cracks in the walls and a Broken Foundation

Cracks in a building happen mainly because of natural earth shifts. It is a natural occurrence, and we cannot avoid it. But these cracks can be a potential threat to the integrity of the foundation wall on which your whole house depends. That is why we need to repair the cracked walls before the cracks get more extensive or comprehensive. A broken foundation or cracks need reinforcement without delay. The sooner you notice these signs of damage, the better. Repairing a cracked foundation when the problem looks negligible is the right thing to do. Homeowners are wise when they do not ignore the cracks but call some professional contractors to examine their home and diagnose the problem.

Causes of Foundation Structural Damage

You would not want your house showing the signs of foundation structural damage, especially if it is new. Unfortunately, the possibility of damage happening to a new house is not lesser than damage occurring to a house that is 50 years old. No one can confirm that natural changes would not catch up with their home. The ground underneath a house keeps shifting naturally. Though this shift is not rapid or noticeable, it still affects the home foundation. Sometimes earthquakes also occur in towns where new and old houses are situated. Slight tremors do not cause significant damage, but they can cause some damage, if not too much.

Some houses are not well-planned. Poor planning also makes a house vulnerable to damage. Some homes may be appropriately planned, but the construction material is a poor quality. Hence, it cannot stand the test of time and weather. Foundation damage of some houses can be very serious if more than one causes combine though it is not frequent. Whether the damage is too much or little, you need to keep an eye on the potential problems it creates. Also, be observant of any hairline crack because that indicates the start of a bigger problem in the structure of your home foundation.

Signs of Foundation Structural Damage

Foundation structural damage signs start showing on the outer side of the foundation first. So, it is easy to notice them if you take a close look at the structure. Any issue that looks spoiling the aesthetics of your home is a sign of damage. With time, it grows bigger. For example, if there is a crack in the bricks or stones or stair-steps, understand that the house is settling on one side, which is why the structure is cracking. The signs of crack may be horizontal or vertical. Other times, the porch starts pulling away, and the start is always quite negligible, but potential damage needs your immediate attention. Also, leaning chimneys or gaps in windows and doors are signs of wear that need a repair plan.

Any sign should be noticed and considered seriously. It is all about your home's structural safety and integrity. If you are concerned about the structure of your home, call ROOTERWOORX to have a close look at the potential signs. They can tell you what sort of damage has started in the foundation and what is the best solution for it.

Let Us Plan Foundation Structural Repair

Planning foundation structural repair is always best when you start it at first sight of a crack. Boken foundation starts showing signs of damage in the form of very thin and insignificant cracks when they begin. Professional contractors have a complete solution for cracks, breaks, and dents. You should trust a licensed company like ROOTERWORX to design a foolproof plan for structural wall repair of your foundation. Cracks are often multiple, but you may not notice them. Sealing them all well is crucial to keep up the value of your home and make it the safest place for you and your family. Sometimes cracks become a source of water leakage, which should not worry you as ROOTERWORX will also provide waterproofing services.

All homeowners who have a cracked foundation or have their home's structural foundation wall damaged need not delay the structural wall repair plan anymore. Experienced and trusted contractors can always extend their professional services on your one call.