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How to Plan Foundation Parging

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Are you worried about water leakage in your home? Use modern technology in waterproofing the foundation and other areas of your home to enjoy more robust protection from water-related damage. Parging is a reliable method for residential and commercial buildings' waterproofing. This modern foundation parging has proven efficiency over time, and people trust it to waterproof their homes.

What is Foundation Parging

Foundation parging is applied in the form of a coating on the walls. It protects the foundation from breaking and cracking. Hence, it adds more life to the foundation wall. It also covers the foundation wall so that it becomes a decorative coating as well. So, for making the looks complete and perfect, you need foundation parging.

Old foundations crack with time. Therefore, water can quickly enter from these cracks causing severe issues to the home structure and interior air quality. Do not ignore the gaps in the foundation, even if they are narrow and look insignificant. Look for a licensed parging company in Mississauga; call them to come and inspect the foundation of your home. After estimating the time and efforts needed for parging the foundation.

Draw a Plan for Cracked Foundation Parging

Why should you plan cracked foundation parging? First of all, parging is made of a masonry-based mortar. So, it covers the interior and exterior surfaces of block walls and masonry stones. All this concrete structure needs protection. Secondly, renewing your home structure plan is incomplete without parging the foundation wall. Finally, weather elements, including rain and snow, affect all concrete structures badly. Therefore, it would be pointless not to add parging in the home renovation plan and repainting schedule.

Foundation Parging Repair is also Essential

Parging can develop cracks after a while, either because of water or ageing. In both cases, it is essential to schedule foundation parging repair. But ensure the gaps are in the parging before planning a repair. Cracks can be in the foundation wall, so check well before ruling out a repair plan. It would be better to call a professional parging company in Mississauga like ROOTERWORX to keep all the investigation and repair work professional. It is your home, so be ultra-mindful who you hire and how you repair cracks and breaks in your home.

Does Parging Suffice Waterproofing, too?

Though foundation parging isn't the same as waterproofing, it serves as a waterproof coat. After an excellent foundation parging repair, water does not enter your home. The foundation walls need parging on all vertical surfaces, but usually, it is on above-grade foundation walls, including the exterior and interior basement walls. Again, professional companies offer skilled services to ensure the job is perfectly done.

Does DIY Foundation Parging Help?

Parging is a step-by-step process: cleaning the surface from loose concrete to preparing the parging mixture and applying it. It sounds simple, but it needs skill and technique. Therefore, it would be for the safety of your home structure to call ROOTERWORX in Mississauga and get a quote from them. They have been providing services in this area and are aware of parging's technical details and procedure.