Tips for Homeowners.

Cracked or Broken Foundation

A cracked or broken foundation wall is a process of building deterioration. There are different types of cracks; foundation specialists could classify them into few groups: vertical and horizontal cracks and staircase cracks.

Vertical cracks might be narrow or wide, but precisely those types of wall cracks allow water penetration and are repaired as needed. It usually does not pose any danger to the building. However, our strong recommendation is to get professional help if the gap is more than 1/2 inches in width.

Horizontal cracks on the opposite usually do not allow as much water as vertical foundation cracks. However, it might indicate high ground pressure from the outside, like water-saturated soil is much heavier and puts extra pressure that could lead to the building's structural problem. Our suggestion - do not wait till the situation worsens, as it might compromise building safety.

Also, stair-step cracks occur where the mortar of the cylinder blocks of the foundation wall. It allows water penetration and sometimes at significant amounts. The indicate the foundation issue and should be addressed by the homeowner.

Our foundation repair specialists are ready to assist with any foundation repair you are looking for or help you to understand and decide on when and how, if necessary, to do the repair now, or it could wait.

At ROOTERWORX, we provide free consultations on foundation crack repair and advise on the foundation structural problem. Though, you may need to have a professional engineer advise on the foundation structural problem.