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As our cities are made out of concrete, maintenance of the structures is vital. Over time concrete becomes brittle, the sealing layer wears off and it is also absorbant, and moisture weakens not only the concrete material but also reinforcement like rebars inside of it. In such situations, the concrete structure is extremely dangerous.
In the vibrant city of Mississauga, concrete structures are not merely part of infrastructure rather they are the backbone of our architecture. From the highways to the sidewalks, from residential houses to commercial properties, the foundation of our urban landscape relies on concrete and it needs constant maintenance. The need for a professional concrete repair is high. Although concrete has resistive properties, but it cannot withstand the harsh weather of Canada for decades.

We are exposed to frigid winters, causing cracks in the concrete, and scorching summers with intense heat penetrating the surface, causing surface damage. Heavy traffic is an additional factor that contributes to concrete structural damage.

Additionally, de-icing chemical agents, salt, and other environmental contaminants contribute to the degradation of concrete surfaces, causing cracking, chipping, scaling, spalling, and structural damage.

Furthermore, accidents or natural disasters contribute to the weakening of concrete structures. Therefore, let us delve into the world of concrete repairing, shedding light upon the various types of repairing such as concrete restoration, concrete patching, concrete balcony repair, concrete surface repair, etc., and the common issues that compel concrete repairing.

Common issues that necessitate concrete repair

Concrete, known for durability, can succumb to wear and tear due to intense weather conditions and usage. These conditions create surfaces that need concrete repair. Some of the issues are cracks, spalling, and structural damage. These issues not only damage the structures but also compromise the aesthetics of the landscape.


Cracks are perhaps the common issue affecting concrete surfaces, necessitating concrete surface repair. These cracks might occur due to temperature fluctuations, freeze-thaw cycles during winters, and structural stress. If proper concrete restoration is not done then cracks compromise the structural integrity and might lead to water penetration. ROOTERWORX is one of the best concrete repair companies in Mississauga.


Spalling is also known as concrete flaking or chipping. Concrete chipping and flaking are often caused by de-icing chemicals. These de-icing chemicals penetrate the concrete surface, weakening the structure from the inside. Concrete flaking and concrete chipping not only affect the appearance but also cause a threat to structural safety.

Structural damage:

Structural damage of the concrete caused by excessive loads can jeopardize the structural integrity of the building. Structural repair is an extensive concrete repair, if your house is in need of our, it shouldn't be compromised, or neglected. Such damage needs immediate attention depending upon the location and depth of damage. It needs concrete structural repair or full concrete replacement.

Types of concrete repair services:

Concrete repair services from ROOTERWORX are specialized to cater to your needs according to the problem. Concrete repair encompasses numerous other types that are customized to address different types of concrete issues.

Concrete Patching:

Concrete patching, as the name depicts is repair work in small areas that are subjected to cracks, uneven structure, or concrete chipping. Smaller patches or chipping might appear due to several reasons such as aging, wear and tear, mechanical stress, accidents, and flaws during construction. Usually, there are cracks and spalling on the driveways, sidewalks, and interior concrete floors that require concrete patching. Concrete is brittle and cannot survive mechanical stress, causing cracks that initially lead to the breakdown of the affected area.

Concrete Restoration:

Concrete restoration is an extensive process that focuses on the technique of repairing old or damaged concrete surfaces or structures. This means that the process only restores the cracked or chipped surfaces close to the original form. Concrete restoration is the most common concrete repair service, including cleaning and examining the structure beforehand. It includes applying sealing coats, removing some sections of the surface, and waterproofing the concrete surface. Concrete restoration is different from concrete repairing as concrete restoration only involves renewing the surface, whereas concrete repairing includes correcting root problems such as scaling, chipping, and cracking. Although concrete Restoration is an effective process it requires detailed post-process inspection to ensure that the exterior structure is sound and does not harm the structural stability.

Concrete Surface repairing:

Concrete surface repairs involve fixing the minor cracks only with coating. This technique is designed only to repair surface problems such as slight flaking and decolorization. Concrete surface repairing is different from concrete resurfacing because concrete surface repairing aims at repairing minor cracks and flaking to give a smooth look to the driveway and interiors. Whereas, the latter involves re-decorating the concrete surfaces to give it a new look.

Concrete balcony repair:

Balconies on the exterior often are exposed more to harsh weather conditions than the interior structure of the residential or commercial unit. Balconies are often ignored, but they require regular maintenance. Concrete repairing defects are also caused by the aging of concrete surfaces and, in some cases, due to corrosion or stress by handrails. Chipped, flaking, or cracked balconies are not aesthetically pleasing and disrupt the exterior sights of the residential or commercial property. The professionals at ROOTERWORX repair concrete balconies by repairing or peeling off uneven and cracked surfaces. They apply the coatings and level the surface, protecting it from corrosion.

Concrete Resurfacing:

Concrete Resurfacing is a cost-effective and efficient way to renew old or deteriorated concrete surfaces. Concrete resurfacing is usually employed in driveways, balconies, interior floors, and patios. Concrete resurfacing is not only for fixing minor, hairline cracks, it also addresses the problem of discoloration due to aging. The prime coat also hides surface imperfections and upgrades the look. Even if there are minor cracks, resurfacing concrete surfaces timely, can help from further damage, meanwhile updating the overall look of the property.

Concrete Repairing in Mississauga by ROOTERWORX is not just a service but a commitment to serve the people and safeguard the urban landscape. Although concrete is durable it is prone to aging and wear and tear after many years. The harsh weather conditions often deteriorate the concrete functions. Concrete repair involves not only fixing the surface structure but, upgrading the aesthetics of your architecture. The professionals from our concrete repairing service ROOTERWORX, stand at the forefront, available for all the clients, making them a trusted partner in maintaining the concrete structures of your interior and exteriors.