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Hire a Licensed Foundation Expert for Correcting Sagging and Bowing Walls

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Cracked foundation wall could be dangerous if the crack is the result of structural damage or shift. Please call us for a complimentary consultation on foundation issues.
Why does wall cracking happen? Knowing reasons before treating the problem is the best way to practical solutions. The reasons are many, and sometimes they all contribute to a certain level of damage. Not all causes of cracks are present in one place. For example, a bowing wall in your grandfather's house is because of aging. The old home structure can no longer keep intact, so it has started giving to the pressure of aging. A new home may have a cracked wall because of poor construction material. So, the damage seems to be almost similar in both cases, but the reasons are entirely different.

Why You see a Cracking or Bowing Wall in Your Home

What causes home walls to crack or bow? The leading cause is the soil underneath your home. During dry seasons when rains are short and a long dry spell hits a place, soil moisture level falls. Dry soil shrinks – a rule of science! Shrinking soil shifts. Shifting soil causes the home to suffer from unbalanced foundation ground. When shifting is beyond the tolerance level of the foundation wall, it cracks or bows. Structural foundation cracks become apparent once they are wide and have long, noticeable marks.

In contrast, dry soil is water-saturated soil. This soil is also equally responsible for causing structural wall cracks. When water pouring down the sky exceeds the earth's needs, it causes disaster to the stable status of the ground. Soft, water-filled soil sags in some places, creating a low area in the ground. This lowland area disbalances the surroundings, too. A house cannot stay stable and intact on the uneven ground underneath. Hence, cracks start happening in the foundation walls.

Other cracking wall factors mainly involve water from the leaking pipes or drainage. Tree roots also crack the foundation walls, especially when the trees reach their full maturity. Poor construction material cannot stand in the face of any challenges and starts giving in to the pressure.

Inspect Your Basement Regularly

Why should you inspect your home basement frequently? You need to do that to check for newly-developed thin cracks. These cracks are not easily noticeable. That is why you must carefully inspect the walls whenever you see it is time to do that.

The area of the basement is often overlooked. Homeowners who leave the basement as an extra space at home scarcely needed for active use often get shocked when a severe problem wakes them up. It is usually a cracking wall that makes the "discovery" so devastatingly shocking.

Handling shocks without bearing their immense effects on the human brain is impossible. To avoid such a hammering shock on your nerves, it would be ideal for keeping inspecting your basement walls quite often.

Cracking Wall Repair Plan

Cracked foundation wall repair is inexpensive and hassle-free when you plan it early. How early? As early as possible! The cracks always start thin and insignificant. They do not seem threatening, but if you know how grave it is to see a crack in your foundation wall, you will call a structural repair company right from your basement.

How should the repair start? What materials are needed? How to keep the whole process foolproof? These and more questions would storm your mind, and you will feel confused and helpless for a moment. How can I repair these cracks? Will they occur again? The series of questions and doubts would never stop. Do not fight the question but get to know their answers and more from a structural repair company. An experienced and licensed company can satisfy you with valid answers to all your questions and will make a new foolproof plan for an early repair of cracked walls of your foundation.

Is Bowing Wall Equally Dangerous for Your Home?

A bowing wall means your home has tilted from one side because of an immense weather change that has impacted the soil under your home. This is more dangerous than a prominent crack. Your listed house will show further signs f severe damage soon. So, go for a solid and everlasting solution instead of sitting and analyzing why the home got tilted. Find out how to repair a bowing wall and save your home from further damage.

A foundation repair company can give you the best advice based on experience and professionalism. Often the companies use carbon fiber straps or metal anchors. These alone are not enough as the tilted home needs more service. So, using a hydraulic jack is a must. The process is sensitive, and an unprofessional practice will allow the foundation wall to crack or bow again.

Sagging Wall Needs Your Immediate Attention

Homes and other buildings need structural ridge beams. These beams protect the building from a sagging wall. Some poorly constructed buildings have beams lesser than the structure requires. This negligence results in sagging walls. Often the walls sag at the center, or the roof rafter sags.

A DIY effort is unfruitful in repairing a sagging wall. This is a structural repair that needs experts with experience and suitable apparatus to repair the damage.

Hire a Licensed Company for Structural Wall Crack

Licensed companies offer guaranteed structural repair of your sagging wall or cracked wall. ROOTERWORX is famous for its professional services, and you can call the company to send a foundation expert to your home for walls and foundation inspection.

It is experience and knowledge that helps a foundation expert accurately measure the cracks and determine the level of damage. You need to plan repair effectively. Only licensed companies can offer reliable services, so look for ROOTERWORX in Mississauga for structural foundation repairs.

Will the cracks Happen Again?

Cracks are inevitable because natural changes in the environment cause them. So, expecting a structural repair company to offer you an everlasting repair of cracks that prevents future wall cracking is unrealistic. However, a foundation expert can assure repair plans that strengthen your home structure and make it less susceptible to cracks and sags. Moreover, he can suggest ways to minimize the possibility of cracks—for example, efficient water drainage away from your home, proper foundation waterproofing, etc. So, choose your foundation expert wisely!