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You Need Infared Camera & Moisture Meter Inspection of Your Foundation

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Foundation cracks ring an alarm bell as soon as you notice them. These cracks might be a sign of hidden danger bigger than the crack you on the surface. You need a foundation crack inspection to find out the problem or the reason for the crack. The dampness in the basement indicates that the water level is high under the ground and water has started seeping inside. Even if you do not have a damp basement, you can call Rooterworx to perform a moisture meter inspection. This inspection can reveal the level of moisture inside. Other reasons also contribute to foundation cracks.

Reasons for Foundation Cracks

Here are some reasons for foundation cracks. You may find one of them responsible for the cracks in your foundation:

The water table increases under the ground in spring when the snow melts. Water moves under the ground, and when its movement pressurizes the foundation of your home, cracks happen. A wet basement is the most obvious sign of water presence under the foundation.

Soil is in constant movement in the ground. In winter, when the snow melts, soil moves. The movement of soil causes cracks in the foundation.

An unbalanced structure can also cause cracks in the foundation.

Normal wear and tear happening because of aged construction cause cracks not only in the foundation but walls and ceiling also.

A strong earthquake also damages the foundation.

How to Repair Foundation Cracks

You decide the type of foundation cracks' repair after finding out the reason. This is the best way to repair the cracks effectively. If the reason for the cracks is water, you need to repair the cracks, and seal them. Water will not penetrate inside again. But you cannot seal the cracks accurately in a DIY project. You need professional assistance. Call Rooterworx which is a basement waterproofing company. In any case of cracks, the best method for knowing the situation is to perform an infrared camera inspection. It reveals everything that a naked cannot see.

Rooterworx offers internal and external waterproofing. What does your foundation need? It depends on the condition of the cracks, and the level of water in the soil around your foundation. The best way to determine the right waterproofing method is to perform an infrared camera inspection. Perfect damp basement treatment needs sealing the cracks to prevent future water leakage. Once you repair the cracks properly through modern techniques, you will spend several years after in peace

The best Basement Waterproofing Company

A wet basement is a source of concern. Even if you do not find cracks in the foundation or walls, do an infrared camera inspection. Call your nearest basement waterproofing company for the infrared camera inspection. This modern technology-based inspection can help you protect your home from the potential danger of water.

If you shift to a new home or plan to buy a new home, perform an infrared camera inspection. It can help you prevent cracks in the foundation and a damp basement.

Whether you see cracks or observe dampness in your home. Always call Rooterworx for foundation crack inspection and reliable services for the long-lasting protection of your home.