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How to Find Septic Tank at My Home When it Needs Repair

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Living in a rural area is very appealing, especially with more people moving out of the cities to remote locations, though things like septic repairs and cleaning are so uncommon for someone who lived in the urban. Let us help you!
Do you know where is your septic tank? You cannot find the septic tank by just looking out at a spot and assuming that your septic tank is there. There are ways to know where is that tank located. The first reliable way is to check the septic tank map. This map is attached with the home inspection paperwork. So, check these papers. So, if you need a septic system repair, this map will help you.

What to Do if you Do Not Find Septic Tank Map?

Maybe for some reason, you do not find the septic tank map with the paperwork of your home. In this case, the septic system repair becomes a big trouble. But you still can find out where it is if you visit the county health department of your area. This department maintains the records of septic tanks in the area. Request them to show the property survey map. Here, you can check to find it.

Effective Ways to Find the Septic Tank Yourself

Some houses are very old and their septic tank map is not available at the county health department. So, if you need septic tank camera inspection for repair or regular maintenance, you can find it by following the drain pipe under the ground. For this, you will need a soil probe. Following the pipe by inserting the probe into the ground after every two feet, you can reach the septic tank.

Why Does Sewer Clog Septic Tank?

A septic pipes can get clogged if you flush objects in the drain or toilet that are difficult to degrade fast. Paper napkins, baby wipes, facial tissues, leftover food, medicines, grease, paint, etc. are all difficult to degrade in the tank. If you had been flushing any of these things in the toilet, now don't ask, "Why does the sewer clog septic tank?

Septank repair and maintenance is not a DIY project so hire professionals who can clean your septic tank and make it function again properly. ROOTERWORX offers the best services in town for maintaining and cleaning septic tanks at homes.

Septic Tank Camera Inspection for Finding Out the Problems

Some signs help you know for sure that your septic tank is not functioning properly like sewer backup. Some of the obvious signs are slow draining sinks or dirt water not draining at all or a wet lawn. One or all of these signs means you need immediate septic cleaning, or drain snaking or the situation will worsen with each passing day.

Call ROOTERWORX for septic tank camera inspection to know the backup reasons. It may need pumping if you had not been hiring professionals for regular pumping and maintaining your septic tank. If some tree roots have caused cracks or blockage to the septic tank, tank backup may happen. In all these cases, you need your septic system repair and maintenance. Professionals at ROOTERWORX offer septic backup repair services to relieve residents from all sorts of septic tank problems.