Residential Services

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Residential plumbing & Drain Services is our day to day work. Drain emergency is work for us, and priority is to make your experience smooth and less trouble, we customize solutions as every situation is unique. Each project and service has it is own complications and requires knowledge and skills to do it right.
Emergency Drain Repair
We are open 24/7 to cover demand in emergency sewer and drain repairs. We deal with basement drain back up, tree root drain intrusion, and toilet or sink blockages.
We clear sewer and drain clogs; perform sewer, and drain camera inspections; sewer, and drain power flushing; sewer, and drain spot repair, new installation, and replacement.
Drain Emergency
Drain Services
Sewer Drain needs repair or a full line replacement, we are ready to assist! We performed thousands of drain repair and installation projects, and know how to deal with this one too.
We do everything from sewer drain cleaning and camera inspection, to spot drain repair and full main replacement.
Call ROOTERWORX office to inquire 416-400-2685 or learn more about specific sewer drain problem by clicking button below.

Drain Services
Basement Waterproofing
Basement waterproofing consists of several steps, and preparation is one of the most important. The Rooterworx team is doing waterproofing for decades in Toronto, Mississauga, and GTA, and is familiar with the type of soil in every part of the city, water level, and other factors that affects the project.
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Waterproofing Services
Foundation And Structural Repair
Trusted company to repair existing foundation. Thousands of successfully completed foundation projects. We also specialize in a new installation of retaining walls. We work together with the city to do every job according to the rules and highest standards, always with permits and up to code. For every project, we open and close permit.
Please read below our Foundation and Structural Repair page to learn more about specific foundation question you may have or call our office to inquire about foundation installation or repair 416-400-2685
Foundation Services