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Foundation Parging Increases Function and Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Foundation parging has many advantages, if you would like to know more, give us a call to book your free consultation today.
The visible portion of your foundation walls often looks unpleasant if you leave it as it is. To add charm to your home, consider foundation parging. It is decorative and functional for the foundation wall. It improves the beauty of the concrete surface, insulates house, and prevents some water seepage when you apply it to the protection of the wall. Many homes choose foundation parging because of it. Your home looks beautiful, and the foundation becomes better from all of the aspects.

Why Does a Home Need Foundation Parging?

The idea of parging the foundation of a newly built home may seem strange to many people. They wonder why they need more masonry to protect masonry. If the same is true with you, here we are to explain why, so keep reading. The weather is harsh in Canada. A lot of rains and snow leave a profound impact on buildings. Parging protects the outer surface of foundation walls.

We are a skilled and experienced foundation parging company in Mississauga that offer services in Toronto, Etobicoke, Okaville, Burlington, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Oshawa, Ajax, and further. We offer parging services to homeowners as an insulation solution. The foundation walls develop cracks and breaks in the wall. Parging fills these and insulates the foundation from extreme winter.

Parging services in Mississauga and GTA area are popular because parging helps a home to increase curb appeal and prevent insects and critters dwell in the cracks and holes. You can call us if you want to know the foundation parging options that suit your home. One-time services can last for decades, saving you from many troubles, some of which you may not know now.

Wall Preparation for Foundation Parging

Parging is the process of making a new surface of the foundation wall. It must stick on the wall, so it does not start falling off soon after the first rain hits your home. For this, you need to clean the wall from dust and dirt. Feel the surface if it is smooth. Any brittle material left on the surface will not let the new parging layer smoothly stick to the surface.

Sprinkle water in an adequate amount on the foundation wall before applying the new layer of masonry. Use water correctly – not too much to wet the wall more than needed and not too little that water disappears immediately.

Maybe adjusting the right amount of water or even ensuring a dirt-free surface is challenging for you. So, call some trustworthy parging services in the area. The company will send their professional parging experts. They will use their skill and experience to do the job efficiently.

Is Parging Repair Helpful?

Parging is like any concrete layer on a foundation wall. It suffers from aging and weather. You could see some pieces of the parging if you had applied it a few years back. The falling pieces of concrete kill the beauty of the wall, which was one of its primary purposes. You have two options – one is to redo the whole foundation wall parging, and the second is parging repair.

You may be confused about the best option for your home and budget. Try to estimate the cost and labor time or call a parging company in Toronto. An experienced and licensed company will examine the parging before making and cost estimation. They will find if replacing the whole parging is best for your home or just repairing the broken parts will do the purpose. Their findings are trustworthy because they speak out of the experience. You can call ROOTERWORX. This is a well-established parging company in Mississauga. They offer foundation parging repair all over Mississauga, Toronto, and GTA.

Foundation Parging Repair

Water can seep into your foundation if the parging starts chipping off. In this case, do not be late in crumbling parging repair. Critters, insects can find tiny cracks and holes for entering the foundation. You need to call a professional parging company. Make sure you work with professionals so that the efforts to block are remain successful. ROOTERWORX ensures to provide guaranteed services

Foundation parging also provides some sort of protection from moisture intervention. Hence, parging is the best choice if you want to preserve your foundation from seeping into the foundation wall. To fix parging, you need a suitable material, especially if you also intend to block moisture. Consult parging company, and the parging experts will give you the right piece of advice.

How Parging Lasts Longer

The sight of crumbling parging is heartbreaking. It looks ugly, and you find it a significant loss of your hard-earned cash. However, a few things can help parging last longer. As mentioned above, the wall preparation before applying parging helps parging stick well. You can find professional parging services that offer you efficient methods. However, you have to periodically moist the parging after the application. During this curing period, moisture helps the material to dry gradually and become strong. Leaving it to dry fast after application may cause cracks in the parging, weakening the new structure.

You Can Paint Parging

Foundation parging increases the curb appeal of your home. You can increase the appeal by painting the foundation wall. Painting the parging is not a bad idea, but it would be best if you understood the situation after painting. Here are some points to consider:

Using watertight paint will trap moisture underneath, accelerating deterioration of the parging. Hence, crumbling parging repair may be costly and time-consuming.

Changing the paint coat is a hectic process. So, if you want to repaint the wall with another paint option, you will need to clean away the old paint with a wire brush or grinder. This process may require you to fix parging and then repaint.

Paint must suit the nature of parging and serve the same purpose that the parging is doing.

Crumbling parging repair is a process of need and not choice. If the foundation wall needs you to fix parging, you can go for it. Otherwise, parging the whole foundation wall will be the best option. You can call a parging company to give you the best advice.