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Why You Need Structural Retaining Wall Support and Repair

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Structural damage to the foundation is highly risky when neglected.
Your home is your precious abode. Once you build it, you want it to last forever. Nothing stops you from having such a dream. But, make sure you are building your home and your dreams on solid realities. The geographical location of your home is detrimental to the structure of your home. If your home is built on uneven or sloped land, it needs retaining walls for construction integrity. But, natural changes in the soil may insert pressure on the wall and it leans with time. A leaning retaining wall is dangerous for the integrity of your home structure. So, if you see your retaining walls are leaning or developing cracks, you need to look for a structural repair company near you.

Structural Wall Repair

The retaining wall repair solution is decided based on different factors. The first thing a builder considers is the type of wall that he needs to repair. The second factor is the reason that is causing the wall to lean. Structural repair becomes successful if you find out the reason behind the bowing wall. If the soil is pressuring on the wall, you need tie-back anchors to tie the wall into the soil behind it. This method is successful when the pressure is in the middle of the wall.

The reason behind your bowing retaining wall can be to lose soil at the foot of the wall. Such soil does not support the wall. You need to build a solid gravel base for the wall to get enough support for standing straight. If the soil is water-saturated, build water draining points at the foot of the wall. The water will find a way to flow out and the pressure the wall will ease.

Structural Retaining Wall Support and Repair

A structural wall can be of any material depending on its location and the purpose it serves. Stone, wood, concrete, and blocks are used in building the retaining walls. None of these materials ensure that the wall will not lean. When there is a reason for the wall to lean, it will bow down to the pressure. So, when you observe retaining walls at your home need structural retaining wall support and repair, call ROOTERWORX.

ROOTERWORX is a licensed company with years of experience in the industry. You can request them to come and check the condition of the wall and find the reason behind its cracks and bowing. Often the structural repair of a retaining wall is a logical option if the damage to the wall is not beyond control. A cracked retaining wall, for example, needs repair and support.

However, the bowing retaining wall can be beyond repair if its condition is too damaged to accept repair solutions. You need to demolish the wall, find the reason behind the bowing of your wall, and address it with a scientific solution to avoid future damage to the wall as much as possible.

In any case, you need professional building and repair service providers for your structural wall repair. Always be quick in repairing a leaning retaining wall. Delays increase the damage and cost you more!