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Elevator Shaft Waterproofing Solutions

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Crystalline waterproofing is a great method to protect elevator shaft foundation walls from flooding, water leaks, excessive dampness, and more.
As time passes, the world evolves, and we move from single-story homes to high-rise buildings, but with innovation comes problems that we need to solve. One problem with high-rise commercial or residential buildings is elevator maintenance.

Elevators are a major component of high-rise buildings because they allow people to go from the bottom to the top with ease, so a fault in the elevator can affect the safety and productivity of the people working or living in the building. Elevators do face malfunctions, but water intrusion or flooding may also cause the elevator system to completely shut down.

What is the importance of an elevator pit?

The elevator pit is of utmost importance is it helps in supporting the elevator shaft. In addition to this, it also helps to protect it against debris and water. Moreover, it also acts as a buffer between the bottom of the elevator shaft and the building. As a result, it protects the building as well as the elevator from significant damage if it free falls and hits the ground. However, for all of these functions to perform perfectly, the elevator pit has to be made to perfection. The walls have to be strong enough to support the weight of the elevator and should also be a bit sloped so that water does not pool inside the pit. Most importantly, elevator shaft waterproofing should be done to prevent water from coming inside.

Why is it so important to waterproof Elevator shafts?

Do you know how concrete is made? Concrete is made when we mix recommended proportions of cement, sand, gravel, and water. After the water evaporates from the mixture, it leaves a dry material that helps strengthen the structure of the building. When the water evaporates, it leaves gaps or small holes in the concrete. These holes can allow moisture to pass through them. In some cases, water may also pass through. The consistent presence of water can dissolve the concrete slowly over time and fracture it. The fractures cause cracks and these cracks then allow water to pass through them. Due to this reason, foundation waterproofing or elevator pit waterproofing should be done.

There are two ways to carry out elevator pit waterproofing. You can do it from the outside which is called positive side waterproofing. You can also do it from the inside and it is called negative side waterproofing.

Some elevator pit waterproof tips:

Tip No. 1: Carrying out frequent inspections

You have to do frequent inspections of the elevator to make sure that everything is going great. Most building owners ignore this important point and it endangers the life of people. Building owners tend to ignore inspection and it leads to greater damage than inspected. With regular inspection, a small issue can be easily detected before it leads to a much bigger issue and causes significant damage. The more the damage, the more will it cost to get repaired, so be prepared for that! Although in most cities, there are laws regarding the inspections of elevators, some of their duration is long, so you can go a step further and inspect in a shorter time frame.

Tip No. 2: Going for crystalline waterproofing

Crystalline waterproofing is an effective and innovative method that is used to prevent water from entering and making the concrete structure completely waterproof. But why crystalline waterproofing? It provides the concrete structure with long-lasting protection against water and moisture. In addition to the previous, it has marvelous self-healing properties. With time, small cracks or holes appear in the concrete. The crystalline layer acts with water to seal these openings and prevents water from infiltrating.

Moreover, it also increases the durability of these concrete structures. Once a building is made, the only thing required is durability so that it lasts for a very long time and foundation crystalline waterproofing can provide you with that. It reduces the risk of corrosion, deterioration, and structural damage that is caused by excessive water exposure. Along with all the structural benefits, it's also best for the pockets! Crystalline waterproofing provides a long-lasting solution that self-repairs cracks and small holes, so you don't need to spend extra on doing that.

Furthermore, it is also safe for the environment. When creating high-rise buildings and concrete jungles, we also need to take great care of the environment. Crystalline waterproofing is safe for the environment as it is non-toxic making it a sustainable choice for protecting elevator pits. Moreover, it also does not release harmful chemicals that may be damaging to the environment. Along with all the environmental benefits, it can be applied very easily and saves a lot of your precious time.

Tip No.3 Utilizing Drain Tile Systems

The drain tile systems can be installed on the walls of the elevator shaft as they help control the water intrusion into the elevator pits. Initially, you will have to dig up a trench along the exterior or interior side of the wall. In the next step, you have to drain out any water that is available in the concrete foundation. In the last step, you need to add a waterproof membrane against the interior of the foundation so that water or any sort of moisture does not seep through.

The drain tile leads to a sump pump that will suck the water and take it to the gutter. Although they aren't the perfect solution to the problems, the drain tile systems are the last option if everything else fails to do the job.


In conclusion to the above, it is safe to say that waterproofing your elevator shaft is a great thing to do, and it will save you a ton of money in repairs. Moreover, it will increase the life of the elevator shaft, so you don't need to do frequent repairs and disturb the daily routine of people using that lift. In addition to that, you need to carry out regular inspections of the elevator pit to make sure that everything is alright. It helps in detecting a smaller issue that may lead to a bigger one if ignored.