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How to Stop Water Leaking into the Basement through the Window

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Water pooling around house foundation has to have window wells to protect water leakage.
Basements are useful rooms. They are our favorite places to find peace and comfort. Often, we use them as safe places for indoor games and enjoying wine. But these are susceptible to flooding and dampness. Often a clogged window well causes basement flooding if other flooding factors are successfully blocked. If window well installation is technically correct and faultless, it will not cause many problems. However, you need to clean its drain from fallen leaves and other debris regularly. The water will drain out and not flow down in the basement if the drain is open.

What Makes Window Well Installation Faultless

Do you want flawless window well installation? For this, hire a professional company with years of experience installing window wells. They keep in mind the basics and maintain a higher accuracy in all the installation processes. Remember that window wells increase the value and aesthetics of your home. So, they are of high importance. However, if not installed properly, they may be difficult to maintain and cause damage to your basement rather than protecting it from rainwater.

The window well drain is the most important part of the whole installation. It needs to be very aptly installed to ensure water drainage instantly. First of all, the drainpipe should be covered with a drain cover to avert debris from entering it. Secondly, the window well must be filled to a certain level with gravel. Only licensed companies can install window drain professionally. You can call ROOTERWORX for the most satisfying services. They choose the design that suits your home design, ensures proper light to the basement, and keeps it aerated.

When Do You Need Window Well Repair?

You need window wall repair as soon as you see that water is not properly drained. The accumulated water can cause huge problems to your basement. If the fallen leaves from the surrounding trees have clogged the drain, you can manually remove them, and the water will flow down the drain. But if the problem does not solve, you need professional services.

Another time you need window well repair is when the window frame has gaps and cold air and rainwater enter inside. Sealing these gaps is essential to prevent heat escape in winter and stop the rainwater from entering inside. If you see gaps have become open because the caulk around the frame has cracked, call ROOTERWORX for proper sealing service. They offer top-notch sealing of window gaps which will remain intact for years to come.

Waterproofing Company Offers Window Well Services

For proper waterproofing of your basement, consult a good waterproofing company. You need expert advice and affordable quote for all the services you need. You may need a customized solution that suits your basement size, location, and construction style. In this case, hire only a licensed company like ROOTERWORX to ensure a hundred percent satisfaction.