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Foundation waterproofing and window well installation

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Window well is an important part of foundation waterproofing to prevent water leakage from basement windows.
When it comes to safeguarding your home from moisture, water seepage, and flooding, we often focus on the foundation and basement, windows are often overlooked. Windows in the basement are prone to moisture attacks, and water seepage from the ground, causing foundation structural damage. Window wells serve a heroic role in saving your basement from water intrusion. It plays a critical role in foundation waterproofing.

Window Well:

Window well is a u-shaped device that surrounds your window to increase the ventilation in the basement as well as directs away the moisture and water from the window. Normally, when there is a window in the basement, there is a high chance that water will seep through the windows, causing water leakages, flooding, damaging walls, and weakening the foundation. Window well installation comes in three different shapes. The half-moon shape is for the small windows. Rectangular and Egress window well are for the large windows. These shapes additionally come in various sizes depending upon the size of the foundation and window. Window well waterproofing helps direct away the leakages, dirt, debris, and rocks from your basement windows.

Two of the crucial elements that you need to remember while reaching out window well installation company are:

Window well drain:

In window well installation, window well drain serves as a security layer against water seepage and flooding. Inside the window well, there is a drainage pipe/ weeping tile that collects water and takes water away from the foundation. It is also affixed to a sump pump, guaranteeing that the window well has no water. At the base, there is a layer of drainage gravel enabling water to flow seamlessly through the drainage pipe and effective removal of water. This drainage system prevents standing water in the well and eliminates the risk of moisture-related issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to ensure the efficiency of the drainage system. Cleaning and inspecting the well prevents the obstruction of the drainage system.

Window well cover:

A window well cover is a barrier over the well shielding the well from dirt, debris, fallen leaves, rocks, rainwater, melting snow, etc. These covers are made of material like metal or polycarbonate. It is recommended because these wells often accumulate dry leaves and branches that disrupt the drainage flow. It clogs the pipes and might cause water flooding in the well, leading to water seepage through windows. A window well cover not only protects the well from debris but also prevents dirt from entering into basement via windows.

Types of windows well:

Myriad types of window wells are present in the market. However, galvanized steel window wells are the most common type:

Galvanized Steel Window Well:

Galvanized steel window well is the most trusted and commonly installed window by property owners when it comes to waterproofing. It is recommended because the zinc layer acts as a resistive coat against corrosion and rusting. They can withstand rain, snow, and moisture, and their effective sealant minimizes water flooding or moisture attacks.

Concrete Window Well:

Concrete Window wells are popular for withstanding harsh weather conditions due to their excellent durability. This window well is seamlessly integrated into property designs matching with aesthetics. When properly sealed combined with excellent window well installation, these windows will prove to be exceptional against water intrusion. However, installation requires intense labor.

Fiber Glass Window Well:

Another light alternative to concrete or steel window wells is the fiberglass window well. It's lightweight makes it easy to handle and is low maintenance. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion. One of the advantageous factors is that it is versatile and comes in various customizations.

Plastic Window Well:

Plastic window wells are another budget-friendly alternative to other window wells. Its light weight makes installation easy and reduces labor costs. Although it is resistant to corrosion, its light weight reduces its strength to withstand harsh weather. That is why additional reinforcements are vital to increase its durability.

Importance of window wells:

Window well installation is a critical aspect of maintaining the infrastructure of the building. Investing in the window well installation can overall increase and maintain the functionality of the building. Not only this, but the foremost advantage of the window well is the ventilation and influx of natural light. Window wells allow easy airflow within the basement capacity, improving the air quality. It allows natural light that transforms the space from a dark to a bright and comforting area. Window wells come with a pre-installed ladder that serves as an emergency exit from accidents, and unforeseen events. It also gives fire brigade entry points within the basement. Windows well directs away debris, dirt, and water from the basement foundation, hence serving a waterproofing function. Additionally, residential or commercial properties with well-maintained window installation increase the property value and make it appealing. Adherence to building codes and compliance is also an essential aspect of window well installation.

Window well replacement:

Window wells need to be replaced over time. Window wells after continuous exposure to temperature, moisture, and weather fluctuations often age and the material starts to deteriorate. Symptoms of wearing are visible such as rusting, fading, and cracking. In some cases, the sealing deteriorates and might cause water seepage inside the window and weaken the foundation. If water starts leaking then it's an indicator for window well replacement. If you see these signs, then contact a professional waterproofing company to protect your basement from further damage like wood rot, mold growth, water seepages, etc. Moreover, building compliance and codes might change with time due to safety concerns. Window well replacement becomes essential to keep up with codes and increase the resale value of the property.

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