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How to detect a leak in the sewer drain pipe?

Sewer drain lines are underground and not easy to explore with the naked eye. However, like plumbing and drain experts, we have few tips for a homeowner to help identify damaged sewer lines.
Signs you may have sewer drain line leaks are subtle and require a trained person to diagnose the problem, but not always.
Drain Camera Inspection of the underground parking drainage system. ROOTERWORX drain technician.
  1. Flooring issues, bubble floor, discoloration on the floor surface
The drainage system lays under the concrete floor in your basement. When the drain lines are damaged, the water released from the pipe deteriorates the concrete slab, pools, and water damage to the flooring layer above.

2.Sunken driveway, a front yard where the drain line stretches from the property to the city line, might be another signal of a problem with the main drain line. The same is like when the water pools inside the house under the foundation floor, outside of the house, water leak creates voids and sinks the driveway, walkway, etc.

3.Foundation cracks may occur for various reasons, and they should be inspected closely to find out the cause. Foundation cracks might be a sign of a serious foundation problem.

4. Water leaks in the basement of the unknown origin, that has a sewer smell. You could guess but cannot be sure. We inspect sewer drain lines, foundation, and plumbing to find out it for you.

5. Mold and dampness on the foundation wall, flooring is always a bad sign. Water intrusion, whatever the reason, damages and provokes mold and fungus growth harmful to humans and animals alike.

6.Patches of green, very extra flourish grass on your yard might be a sign of the sewer line leak as well. Blackwater is harmful to us, but not to plants; however, it is not the best option for fertilization of the lawn.

7. Sewer smell in the basement not from the drain opening or plumbing fixture
It might be a sign that the leak is somewhere underneath the floor and gases a getting inside of the basement. Needless to say that sewer gases are dangerous for our health even at a small rate it causes a number of problems from headache, nausea, dizziness, sinus infection just to name a few.

At ROOTERWORX, we also offer drain camera inspection services with a high-resolution camera that reveals all the lateral pipe's an inside mystery. Please, call us at 416-400-2685 or book an appointment with us online for drain camera inspection and consultation.