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About Drain Power Flushing.

Often we receive calls with homeowners to inquire about drain power flushing service after they have experienced a sewer back up in the basement. ROOTERWORX company is licensed and insured to perform drain cleaning and repair projects, including drain hydro jetting.
Though, our strongest suggestion is to have drain line snaked and drain camera inspection performed before power flushing the drain lines.

It is important to have water released out of the drains before the high water pressure machine starts adding even more water to the clogged pipe. Thus a basement flooding may occur and cause even more damage to the property if there is an obstacle, and there would not be enough pressure to blast it even with the 3500 PSi, the highest pressure flusher currently on the market. Additional water damage in the basement would pose a health risk as it contaminated water with sewage.
As we provide drain cleaning and repair services daily, we have to say that having drain camera inspection and drain snaking is necessary before having the drains jetted with a high-pressure power flusher.

Power flushing is extremely useful on the grease and calcium build up pipe blockages, however, it could do more bad than good when misused.
Please, call a professional drain cleaning and repair company. We know how to save your investment for a fair price. ROOTERWORX drain repair crew is fully licensed, insured, and equipped with top-notch machinery and tools to make your drain experience great.