How to Save money on your plumbing at Home

Simple Steps To Follow. Experts Advice.
We recommend installing drain strainers at kitchen and bathroom drains to catch any food, hair, and scraps. Also, we strongly do NOT recommend use of harsh chemicals to dissolve stubborn clogs in the drains. It has a damaging effect on the ecosystem and destroys not only clogging but also piping at your house.
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Little things make big changes.
1. Choose low-flow faucets/ showers/ toilets for your home plumbing.
New plumbing fixtures with the 'low-flow' use a lesser amount of water without compromising the use. It may save up to 60% of your water bill.

2. Find and fix plumbing leaks on time.
Drainpipe leak, toilets leak, faucet leak could end up to considerable consumption of water. We recommend it repair these things without waiting - it does not fix itself one day anyway.
If you cannot effectively fix it yourself, call a professional plumber - it would save money in the long run. Even if hiring a plumber seems to be an extra expense.

3. Take care of the drains, have them inspected if slow drainage or foul odor occurs.
That might be an early sign of accumulated clogging in the drain pipe. Our plumbers recommend resolving the clogged drain issue earlier than later.

4. Never put fats and grease down the drain,
it is most terrible, hard to get clogging that accumulates in the kitchen drains. If the clog is not possible to snake, our plumbing experts recommended using power flushing.

5. Never flush foreign objects,
and don't let kids flush down the drain any subject that does not belong there. The city of Toronto urges residents do not flush anything but human wastes and toilet paper. Nor wet wipes, or paper towel, or anything else would dissolve in cold water.