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All about Power Flushing

Power flush drains from grease and debris, ROOTERWORX cleans clogs fast and efficient.
What Is Power Flushing And Why Do You Need It?

Alarmed by the sea of particles floating back up from the shower drain or the slow to flush toilets?

Why do drains get clogged?

A common issue that residences in Greater Toronto Area face relates to a clogged drain. The problem in many commercial and residential drains is with considerable buildup of food, hair particles and other household materials.

Your shower drain or toilets are not only places where materials can cause a block. Brushing your hair on your bathroom sink or washing food particles down the kitchen sink are some of the common actions that invite a blockage. Hair, pet or human, can be one of the most troublesome things that cause a buildup in your residential drain to cause a strong blockage.

The buildup occurs when the drains have not been professionally cleaned for a long time. Often, the clogging is so severe that emergency plumber has to be called for full drain replacement.

Power flushing to get rid of clogs

One of the more cost effective solutions to address clogs and avoid the expensive investment of full drain replacement is with power flushing. Professional plumbers and drain cleaning service providers in Toronto deploy advanced technology including drain camera inspection, drain snaking and trenchless pipe repair as needed to address clogs.

Drain power flushing tackles the most stubborn of clogs. Instead of using a chemical down the drain which will not be effective in case of severe clogs, power flushing destroys the block entirely.

Power flushing is a proven and powerful technique to decimate blocks. During the power flushing procedure, expert plumbers use a motor to deliver high-pressure jets of water into the drain pipes that forces any foreign particles out of the way into the pipe exit. Experienced plumbers use hydro jetting with a pressure of 3000 PSI to clear all kinds of severe blockage. As compared to drain snaking which is also a clog removal technique, power flushing as the name suggests, is even more effective and devastating to clogs.

When do you need power flushing?

Regular power flushing is also the best way to keep central heating system in peak condition. Power flushing gets rid of the sludge and other debris which can harm the central heating system, if not removed regularly.

There are many signs that indicate the need for power flushing apart from clogged toilets or showers.

Some of these include:

  • Cloudy tap water
  • Cold radiators
  • Excess of noise from boilers or pumps
  • Discolored water stemming from radiators
  • Heating system that is warmed up