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Perforated Drains | Weeping Tile | French Drain

Many people think of repairing the drainage on their own but fail to do so as it requires genuine professional help.
French drain cleaning is a very taxing and cumbersome task. If you feel the same, then there's no need to worry - ROOTERWORX is here for your help.

A drainage pipe clog tends to happen over time and lose proper functionality. Draining issues are prevalent in today's homes. French drain system also requires servicing from time to time.

What do you know about perforated drain pipes?

Perforated drain pipes are used to evacuate undesired water that is absorbed into the ground or soil. It is one of the most critical aspects of the basement waterproofing system.

They are commonly used to move the rainwater away from the house that would help draining it elsewhere. It should be laid near the base of your home's foundations. The other name for perforated drains is a french drain system, and it helps in providing optimal drainage for one's house so that there be a significant reduction in the standing groundwater.


  • Large driveways and extensive paved areas require additional drainage, and a french drain could be installed wisely to reduce water accumulations in the property and redirecting the run-off waters.
  • When there's huge rainfall, the property can suffer badly from an overflow of rainwater. Such a serious problem can be avoided with the help of a weeping tile pipe installed. Having this pipe will help drain excess water away from the house, which will leave the area dry.
  • For the people who love gardening, they must be aware of the usefulness of these perforated drain pipes very well. These pipes typically collect the excess water from the soil and then drain it directly down to the roots of the plants. The pipes also prevent a build-up of water on the surface of the soil.
  • French drain installation is often used when foundation repair or basement waterproofing is performed to reduce the amount of standing water near the area of water penetration.

Why should you go for ROOTERWORX?

ROOTERWORX does professional french drain repair and new installations. It has the following benefits that you must know about:
  • Hygienic in nature Often, weeping tile pipe blockages with unwanted debris lead to the growth of bacteria and molds, insect invasion. The only way to avoid this is to undertake timely services of expert cleaning.
  • Cost-effective The service provided by the Toronto ROOTERWORX are meant to satisfy customers and are at affordable prices.
  • No slow draining When people don't check the blockages for long, the obstructions usually slow down the storm line exit. To avoid, there are some that can restore the free-flowing of stormwater any time whenever required.
  • Pipe longevity When the drainage systems are looked after by experts, they have a longer lifespan. This helps majorly in not investing money to replace weeping tile after every then and now.

For perforated drainpipes and the best french drain installation services, please book ROOTERWORX services right now!