Emergency Battery Backup/Automatic Sump Pump

Why do you need a second sump pump and emergency battery backup installed?
Emergency battery backup sump pump installed as a second sump pump in case of primary sump pump failure. Common reasons for the sump pump to fail are excessive use, mechanical problem, or power outage.
It might look like an extra expense, but think twice, that is a great way to protect your property from flooding and save you time and money.
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Most of the new houses are already equipped with a sump pump system installed in a basement. When rainfall storm comes, we expect a sump pump to save our homes from water that seeks a way to leak into our basement. The comprehensive waterproofing system is always an asset. However, the sump pump tends to fail often due to a power outage in the city; especially older parts of the city, where infrastructure is outdated.

As an emergency drain cleaning and waterproofing company in Toronto, we have seen many instances when people rely on a sump pump, and it failed, then water is entering their basement usually through the lowest parts of the basement and foundation walls. Water starts pooling in the lowest areas of the basement and rises gradually. If you invest in a basement to convert into a beautiful and cozy living space for your family to enjoy – it is smart to protect this investment. You would never go wrong by installing a second sump pump and installation of sump pump battery backup. Sump Pump is not perfect machinery, and it tends to fail. However, nothing is better is on the market at the moment. The normal lifespan for a sump pump is about 3-5 years.

If a sump pump fails, it is good if you have a battery backup installed as otherwise your basement left with no chance to pump out coming rainwater. And if not it would lead eventually to a basement flood. The outcome may worth much more than investment in protection.

Some insurance companies offer sump pump failure coverage. However, you have to ask your broker directly; as not all home insurances have it in their primary coverage, usually it is an extra cost. And it has many exclusions.
If you found out that sump pump fails and you have no second sump pump or battery backup installed. You should call emergency plumbing company immediately, as with heavy rainfall, the faster you act than less damage water would do to your basement.

We recommend to all homeowners to consider the installation of a battery backup sump pump. Especially to one who lives in low-lying areas or close to water bodies, areas with the high water table.