drain camera investigation, Inspection & Report

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection.

As sewer drain lines are buried in the ground, it is hard for us to get an idea of what might be a drain problem with the help only of a naked eye. ROOTERWORX specializes in CCTV, which clearly shows to an experienced plumbing specialist what had happened to the sewer line, how severe the problem is, where it is located, and how deep it is in the ground.

Drain camera inspection also helps in other instances, like check drain pipe condition after the drain snaking or drain power flushing.

It is vital to understand what causes the problem at your property. The sewer pipes' functioning might be compromised by drain line breakage, tree root intrusion, pipe blockage, and the drain line's deterioration due to the time. The methods to fix a damaged drain line would be different, so drain camera inspection is crucial for a drain technician.

So, what is CCTV drain camera inspection is?

It is the process of using a special drain camera attached to the end of the line placed inside the drain line to show the inside of the sewer pipes, pipelines, catch basins, drains.

It easily allocates the problem and detects the cause without using more invasive methods such as digging in the front yard or removing concrete flooring in the basement.

Thus drain camera inspection is an affordable way to find out about the problem inside the drain line. CCTV pipe inspection cost ranges in various companies; additionally, whether weekends and nights, emergency services cost more for the camera inspection.

Plus, your house's front yard appearance or basement floor would be untouched during the inspection, which is great!

ROOTERWORX provides the recording of the drain camera inspection for your purposes ( proof for the insurance, landlord, etc.); however, we charge an extra fee for the memory card with the recording. Please, contact us to inquire at 416-400-2685.