Commercial Services

Looking for a trusted construction company that could manage with your project?

We are a licensed and insured local company, providing residential and commercial services in Mississauga, Toronto, and Grand Toronto Area. Insterested? Please, continue reading.
Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections, clog clearing, spot repair, line replacement, or new Installation
Sewer drain lines need an upgrade or small spot repair. We have special equipment that could accommodate commercial buildings, condos, and retail plazas. We have drain camera to detect the problem and find out the nature of the clog/ breakage/ damage, a locator to find the depth and location of the drain problem and commercial drain snake or power washer on your choice to clear the clog. If the reason for backup is not a clog but drain line breakage or tree root intrusion we have the machinery to excavate and do drain repair. We also could accommodate work during night hours to not interrupt your business.
Emergency Clogged Drain Cleaning and Repair
We are open 24/7 to accommodate sewer drain emergencies in Mississauga, Toronto and around GTA. Our emergency drain crew is working when is it convenient for you and your business to ensures we make your experience as easy as it could be.
Foundation Crack Injection for Condominiums, Apartment Buildings
ROOTERWORX specializes in foundation crack injections and repairs. We perform crack injections with high-quality materials, the technology we use allow the resin to get to the narrowest parts of the crack and strong bond together. We guarantee that foundation crack won't leak again! We do foundation crack repairs for low rise and high rise buildings, warehouses, underground garages, and other facilities. Contact ROOTERWORX office to learn more 416-400-2685.
Foundation Wall Waterproofing Inspection and Waterproofing Solutions for condominiums and apartment buildings
Waterproofing procedures for apartment buildings and condominiums. There are many methods to perform commercial waterproofing plus a volume of work to perform as well as extra safety precautions in a public place. If it is required, we may work during night hours to complete work without affecting the daily routine of the business.
We also provide waterproofing inspections with an infrared camera to find hidden spots, measure the moisture level in the building with the moisture meter, detect mold growings. Written report stamped and sealed by an approved licensed waterproofing specialist is available if requested.
Commercial Concrete Repair
Commercial concrete repair service must be durable and practical as it going to be used by thousands of people every day. We use the highest quality concrete from trusted companies. * In concrete repairs quality of the material plays a huge role. Most frequent services for commercial concrete repair we offer - concrete steps repair, concrete sidewalk/walkway repair, concrete pad repair/replacement with the slip-resistant finish, concrete entrances, and driveways repair.
Concrete Patching and Repair
Concrete repair and patchwork are all on a different level now. ROOTERWORX use innovative technology that was tested and has the highest performance ratings on durability in a big range of temperatures from as low as -148F and up to +212F, self-healing, the activation occurs in contact with water. The product has remarkable specs, it is used for cracks sealing and waterproofing of basement foundations, pools, and underground facilities, as well as large industrial concrete pipes/tunnels.
The product is transparent in color and could be mixed with any color or other additives to make it look appealing or to match the existing surface.
Rated for 25 years of useful life.