Plumbing Services

We help homeowners, property managers, and project managers across Toronto and GTA with various plumbing issues. We deliver our services fast, efficient, and with a smile!

Plumbing Fixture Installation, Repair & Hook-up

Faucet & Sink Installation

Toilet Installation

Bathtub & Shower Installation

Dishwasher Installation & Fridge Hook-up

- New Faucet Installation
- New Sink Installation
- Sink Drain Snaking
- Kitchen Drain Snaking
- Kitchen Faucet Repair
- New Bathtub and Shower Installation
- Bathtub Drain Pipe Leak Repair
- Shower Drain Snaking
- Shower Cartridge Replacement
- New Toilet Installation
- Toilet Blockage Snaking
- Toilet Tank Repair
- Leaking Toilet Repair
- Dishwasher Installation & Hook-up
- Dishwasher Clogged Drain Clearing
- Fridge Waterline Hook-up
Plumbing Services
Plumbing Rough-In Installation
Plumbing Rough-ins is an essential step in remodeling or building a new bathroom, powder room, or kitchen. The rough-in installation connects a new drain pipe to the main drain or plumbing stack. 'Rough-in' means no final plumbing job is done, no plumbing fixture installed yet like toilet, sink, or shower. All plumbing rough-ins must be completed according to the plumbing code and should be inspected by the city inspector before covering it with concrete floor or drywall. Our licensed and insured plumbers know how to install plumbing rough-ins correct and up-to-code.
About Water Supply Line
Larger Water Supply line would allow more water usage without dropping water pressure while you use a washing machine, a dishwasher, and taking a shower.
The plumbing system in our houses consists of two smaller systems, a water service system that brings the water for our usage around the house (potable water). And a drain-waste-vent (DWV) system that carries away sewage and greywater out of the property.

These two systems are separate. The water service system transports potable water into our homes. At the water service system entry, there is a water meter and main shut off valve.

Than it divides into cold water that splits onto smaller pipes where cold water is needed, and a hot water pipe that goes through the water heater, then distributed through the plumbing pipes to all plumbing fixtures where hot water is necessary.
Water Supply lines are essentially smaller in diameter than drain plumbing pipes as it needs to be pressurized, and it is more susceptible for leaks. ROOTERWORX plumbers are taking care of plumbing leaks; we also provide emergency plumbing services.
Water Service Line Upgrade
ROOTERWORX has extensive experience in repair and installation of water supply lines. Our plumbers help to improve the water pressure in the plumbing system, upgrade lead water supply pipe to copper pipe ( to avoid water contamination of water with lead), and relocation of the water meter.

  • Water Line Diagnostics
  • Free Consultation with a Water Line Specialist
  • 25-year warranty on full Water Supply Line upgrade

Upgrade Water Supply Line to new 3/4" or 1" pipe

Larger Water Supply line would allow more water usage without dropping water pressure while you use washing machine, dishwasher and taking shower.
WaterMain Break
ROOTERWORX performs residential and commercial Water Supply Line ( WaterMain) Installation, Repair (broken or cracked watermain), and Assessment.
When the watermain break occurs, the water under high pressure escapes from the pipe, making everything around a big swamp. We know how to fix watermain cracks and breaks fast and effectively.
The main reason for watermain line to break or crack is frozen water, when weather significantly drops, water freezes and expands bursting watermain pipe.
And additionally, significant outdoor temperatures change, which causes also water in the surrounding ground to expand, and shift the watermain and put even more pressure on the pipe.
WaterMain Replacement
Usually, watermain repair is needed when the water supply pipe starts to leak, developed a crack, or got broken. Common signs of the water main breakage are low water pressure, foundation leaks, and abnormally high water bills.
If you have out aged water supply lines, it is a better idea to get a consultation before you have problems like foundation leaks. Also, houses that were built before 1950 most likely have lead piping, which accumulates in our bodies and causes a number of health issues. Currently, the city of Toronto raises concern over a high concentration of lead in drinking water and replacing all watermain pipes in affected areas of the city. However, the part from the property line to the property is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

For the replacement of the water supply pipe, we use 'no-dig' technology, pipe burst that would do minimum disruption to the lawn. Professional plumbers do replacement fast and most important up to code!
ROOTERWORX is a licensed and insured company to perform any residential and commercial plumbing projects, including watermain replacement.
Kitec Plumbing Replacement
What is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec plumbing is a common plumbing system (water supply) that was used in Canada and the US from 1995 and 2007. Most of the builders in condos and homes used Kitec plumbing pipe systems for over this period, as it was considered one of the best on the market. However, now many homeowners in Toronto and GTA had Kitec pipes failure, which includes floods, leaks, and costly replacement of the whole plumbing system.

ROOTERWORX is an experienced, trusted, and licensed contractor to replace Kitec plumbing at your home. We have competitive rates and fully equipped crews that are ready to replace Kitec pipes before it got flooded your unit and everyone beyond.
Kitec Plumbing is no longer used at new construction, and it is not manufacturing plumbing pipes; however, it was prevalent during those 12 years.
Now, Kitec plumbing has a tremendous quantity of lawsuits from homeowners in Canada and the US.
How to tell if you have Kitec Plumbing pipes installed at your home?

First, when your house was built. If it was built between 1995 and 2007, It is a big probability you have Kitec pipes at your home.

Second, look at the labeling on your plumbing supply pipes. If it matches one of those names, your home is under a big risk.
Kitec, Kitec XPA, PlumbBetter, WarmRite, IPEX AQUA, AmbioComfort, KERR Controls, XPA, Plomberie Amelioree - all those brands sold kitec plumbing pipes.

Third, Kitec plumbing pipes have a distinct color-coding blue for cold water and bright orange for hot water pipes. But some of the Kitec pipes are red, grey and black.
If you are not sure if you have Kitec plumbing system installed at your home or would like to get an assessment, our plumbers provide free non-obligatory consultations. Give us a call at 416-400-2685 to speak with a specialist.
Plumbing Maintenance
ROOTERWORX provides yearly maintenance for high-rise buildings: detects plumbing & drain leaks, assessment for faulty items, check water pressure, etc.
We thaw plumbing water supply pipes, winter maintenance for plumbing items.
ROOTERWORX plumbers are licensed, insured with over 20 years of experience in the industry. If you run into a stubborn situation with your plumbing in Toronto or GTA, give us a call. ROOTERWORX provides quality plumbing repairs and installations.