Plumbing Services

We help homeowners across Halton Region and Hamilton with various plumbing issues. We develiver our services fast, efficient and with a smile!

All Plumbing Services including Emergency Drain Services
from ROOTERWORX Halton and Hamilton plumbing Company.

Plumbing Fixture Installation
ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton provides new plumbing fixture installations. We install all kinds of plumbing fixtures: kitchen/ bathroom sink, hook up water supply for a fridge or dishwasher, attach dishwasher drain line to the plumbing system, toilet, shower, bathtub, faucet installation, and much more.
Our plumbers are licensed and fully insured, quotation is free of charge. Please, call our office to discuss +1(289)923-8572 .

Plumbing Repairs
ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton licensed and insured plumbers also do plumbing repairs, and if you have a drain pipe clogged, or pipe is leaking or shut off valve needs to be replaced. We are here and ready to take your call.
Replacing parts and pieces, preventing leakage and fixing noisy pipes. Repairs are flexible and vary significantly by the cost. Please call our office to inquire about pricing, or with other questions +1(289)923-8572.
Emergency Plumbing Repairs
ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamiton Drain Cleaning company has an emergency plumber available 24/7 to respond to the emergency plumbing situation you had happened to you. We perform various plumbing services if you need it done fast, and professional we ready to help you out!
Please contact our office about availability +1(289)923-8572 .
Emergency Service Request
Plumbing Maintenance & Inspection
At ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton Drain Service Company we are offering plumbing maintenance for residential and commercial properties. What do we do?
We inspect wells, water pumps, sump pumps, drain lines and all plumbing fixtures, water heaters, appliances for properties that are up for sale or homeowner would like to have a regular check.
Please contact our office to inquire +1(289)923-8572
Plumbing Rough-In Installation
Plumbing rough-ins are needed for new builds, additions, or renos to construct a new washroom, kitchen, or to install any plumbing fixture.
We do an installation of plumbing rough-ins straightforward, and everything is up-to-code. We perform all plumbing rough-in installations with an open permit and with city inspector approval upon completion.
Our licensed and insured plumbers have all the right answers for any of your questions about plumbing rough-in installations, contact us to ask or to reserve licensed plumber for the service +1(289)923-8572.
We provide a free non-obligatory quotation for plumbing rough-ins.
All installations are up to Ontario Plumbing Code.